Functional maths Up-to-date Functional Maths resources suitable for the revised National Curriculum and Skills for Life qualifications that offer teachers structured materials to support maths skills for the REAL world. Which is why many schools find them hugely successful in motivating their students – both those who struggle to learn and higher achievers.
Maths in Fair play Everyday maths

Maths in

Real-life maths at Level 2 with practical tasks based on everyday, motivational contexts. Suitable for Functional Maths, higher-tier maths and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Fair play

Supplementary maths at Entry Level 3 - demonstrate the everyday nature of maths with activities based on sports. Suitable for Functional Maths, foundation tier and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Everyday maths

Level 1 maths activities help students make connections between the classroom and their real lives. Suitable for Functional Maths, foundation tier and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Functional Skillbuilders Money management Play on numbers

Functional Skillbuilders

Your one-stop solution for tackling Functional Maths at all levels. Maths activities in workplace contexts motivate and engage your students and make progression easy. Suitable for Functional Maths, foundation and higher tier and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Money management

Award-winning resources for cross-curricular maths.  Teaches essential financial literacy skills. Functional Skills and Curriculum for Excellence friendly – suitable for Secondary and Adult learners.

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Play on numbers

Adult-style graded number puzzle books to motivate older learners struggling to master basic numeracy skills. Reinforce the four operations and knowledge of measures, shape and space.

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Thinking strategies    

Thinking Strategies

Comprehensive teaching programmes to teach each of the four operations. Teaches thinking and visualisation techniques to Secondary and Adult learners helping them build a solid foundation for further learning in maths.

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