SEN Modern SEN resources that offer teachers structured materials to support literacy and numeracy skills for the REAL world. Renowned for their grown-up, straight-talking style – our resources are up-to-date and have immediate student appeal.
Functional skillbuilders Thinking skills Tackling issues

Functional Skillbuilders

Your one-stop solution for helping students catch up with literacy and numeracy. Functional Skillbuilders cover every level and category of the Functional English and Maths standards (Entry 1 – Level 2). Workplace contexts are true to life, they motivate and engage your students and make progression easy.

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Thinking skills

A brand new series containing written, audio and video based activities – all perfect for helping students develop listening, observational, oral and written communication skills.

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Tackling issues

Motivational materials to support the Secondary PSHE and behaviour issues – this series helps your students develop the strategies and behaviours they need to make sound decisions and choose appropriate behaviours and help improve literacy skills. Perfect for addressing conduct disorder.

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WorkScenes Basic skills for work Basic skills for life


Numeracy and literacy in vocational contexts. WorkScenes provides teachers with a huge bank of photocopiable, contextualised literacy and numeracy resources which will motivate your students.

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Basic skills for work

Provides students with the essential communication skills they will use in everyday work and life. Practical scenarios and realistic contexts build English skills and give your students the strategies they need to succeed.

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Basic skills for life

Uses life skills topics to reinforce basic literacy and numeracy skills. Written at an accessible level these titles provide students with the essential skills they will use in everyday work and life.

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FastTrack This life readers Play on words


Accessible, age-appropriate teaching programmes for older non-readers and writers take pupils from P-Scales to NC Levels 2/3. Multisensory programmes come complete with diagnostic assessments, teaching notes, worksheets and games. Can be delivered by TAs.

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This life readers

Engaging photostories for emerging readers. The stories feature one or two short, simple sentences per page with good, clear print and plenty of repetition and reinforcement. The Resource pack helps you extend students literacy skills. Reading age 6.

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Play on words

Crisp, adult-style graded word puzzles that are perfect for reinforcing basic phonics skills and sight words.

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Maths in Everday maths Fair play

Maths in

Real-life maths at Level 2 with practical tasks based on everyday, motivational contexts. Suitable for Functional Maths, higher-tier maths and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Everyday maths

Level 1 maths activities help students make connections between the classroom and their real lives. Suitable for Functional Maths, foundation tier and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Fair play

Supplementary maths at Entry Level 3 - demonstrate the everyday nature of maths with activities based on sports. Suitable for Functional Maths, foundation tier and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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Money management Thinking strategies Play on numbers

Money management

Motivational resources to teach financial capability. This series teaches essential financial literacy skills in a direct, appealing style. Functional Skills and Curriculum for Excellence friendly.

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Thinking Strategies

Four comprehensive titles to help older pupils master the four basic operations - addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Activities build basic skills from number sense to mathematical reasoning and encourage creative problem solving.

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Play on numbers

A bank of interesting, simple photocopiable graded number puzzles that take a refreshingly adult approach - perfect for motivating older students who have tried and tried again with basic numeracy.

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ICT for life Signs and symbols Brinsford books

ICT for life

Harness the power of ICT to motivate your students. These titles sharpen your students’ skills in word processing, mobile phone technology and using the internet while boosting literacy skills.

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Signs and symbols

Use everyday contexts to motivate students with these books that are designed to be a fun way into literacy as well as providing your students with essential, sometimes life-saving information.

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Brinsford books

This series of carefully graded readers (RA 6/7 through to RA 11/12) is devised to engage reluctant readers. Educational institutions throughout the UK have reported that the hard-hitting themes in Brinsford books succeed where many other books have failed in getting students, particularly boys, to read.

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