"Axis Education's resources are easy to use by the teacher. But more importantly - they motivate and engage the learners."

Viv Cooper, Basic skills co-ordinator for Hull

Axis Education case studies

Axis Education is renowned for providing teachers with motivational, easy-to-use, practical books and worksheets that help students succeed. Our unique, no-nonsense tone coupled with crisp, modern layout means that our publications have extraordinary student appeal. In-depth collaboration with practising teachers guarantees that our publications are successful because they really do work in the classroom. These case studies show you how our publications solve teachers' problems and have transformed just some of our customers' classrooms.

Case 1 - Leek Specialist High School, Leek, Staffordshire
Discover how formerly disaffected boys now engage with reading.

Case 2 - Dene Community School, Peterlee, County Durham
Find out how this school helps pupils to see the relevance of maths in everyday life.

Case 3 - Acorns School, Marple, Stockport
See how an entire curriculum engages EBD pupils by focusing on PSHE and Citizenship.

Case 4 - Crewe and District YMCA, Central Crewe
Learn how teachers develop socially excluded students' basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as their self-confidence.

Case 5 - North Down and Ards Institute, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Find out how teachers have turned around some of this college's most reluctant non-readers.

Case 1: Engaging Boys with Reading
School:Leek High Specialist Technology School, Leek, Staffordshire
Age of students:13-18
Background:A school with 540 pupils in a busy market town on the Staffordshire moorlands.
Problem:Many 13-15 year old students, particularly boys, were extremely reluctant to read. The school had tried a vast range of publications to engage them with literacy, largely to no avail.
Solution:Mr Taylor, Director of Community Services, decided to use Axis Education's motivational Brinsford books cars series. Some boys were finding 'stories' difficult to engage with and the hope was that these well-presented, gripping non-fiction books would be non- threatening. The fact that Brinsford books contain hard facts about exciting car models together with technical detail was key to their success with these boys.
Result:Since using Brinsford books these boys have become far more engaged, not only with reading but with school-work in general. They now look forward eagerly to reading sessions. Brinsford books have even allowed pupils with very low reading ages to taste success. It's not just reading skills that have seen significant improvements. Using Brinsford books resource packs has given these pupils newfound motivation to write and analyse language in a way they would never have previously attempted. Thanks to Brinsford books, after many years of failure the school feels that significant progress is now being made.back to top

Case 2: Helping Struggling Pupils see the Everyday Relevance of Maths
School:Dene Community School, Peterlee, County Durham
Age of students:11-16
Dene Community School is a Specialist School of Technology. The school is successful, popular and improving and is widely recognised as both a centre of excellence and a truly inclusive community school.
Problem:Mr Hulme, 'Numeracy across the Curriculum Co-ordinator', had difficulty sourcing suitable resources to demonstrate to pupils that maths is a vital skill that they will need in the real world.
In Axis Education's Skillbuilders Numeracy Numeracy titles, Mr Hulme finally discovered motivational and interesting resources that genuinely show pupils how relevant maths is for everyday life. Skillbuilders have been especially successful with pupils struggling with maths because they previously felt demeaned by having to use more 'childish' resources. Skillbuilders tasks are set in the workplace so the activities are very adult and non-patronising. Using these books has meant that students can get to grips with maths and learn to transfer these skills to other areas of learning.
Skillbuilders Numeracy Numeracy titles have been used to create a programme of study for less able pupils in the school. All of the teachers teaching the bottom end pupils find Skillbuilders to be an invaluable resource. Pupils respond very positively to the variety of activities and the work-based focus.
Testimonial:"Axis Education's range of numeracy teaching materials is absolutely superb, they have been instrumental in helping our pupils see maths in different ways and across the curriculum and they are fun to use."back to top

Case 3: Using PSHE to Engage Disaffected Learners
School:Acorns School, Marple, Stockport
Age of students:5-16
Background:Acorns School is a full age range independent school for pupils with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties located in North West England.
Problem:Pupils were highly demotivated by the curriculum and disengaged from learning. Other teaching materials simply didn't engage or inspire them.
Solution:Headmaster Tim Whitwell decides to re-focus the curriculum with a significant input of PSHE and Citizenship. Axis Education's complete range of Basic skills for life publications provide him with a total solution to support the curriculum changes. The purpose of Basic skills for life is to teach pupils literacy and numeracy skills alongside essential life skills. The series' no-nonsense, down to earth tone coupled with a huge spectrum of interesting activities guarantees that EBD students find great affinity with Basic skills for life.
Result:Basic skills for life have proved highly successful in gaining students' interests and motivating them. Andy Beever, the schools Citizenhip Co-ordinator says that Basic skills for life are a perfect companion for the new PSHE style lessons and reports that pupils are benefiting greatly from Axis Education's resources.back to top

Case 4: Motivating Socially Excluded Learners
Organisation:Crewe and District YMCA, Central Crewe
Age of learners:16-35
Background:A residential YMCA/Foyer in Cheshire
Problem:Many adults arrive at the YMCA with low self-confidence and little faith in their abilities. The trainers needed to find adult-focused resources that could partner the YMCA's relaxed, informal teaching style in order to build both learners' self-confidence and their basic literacy and numeracy skills.
Solution:Housing Support Worker and Trainer Mandy Wallace finds that Axis Education's Basic skills for life range of resources fit the bill perfectly. The books provide a wealth of essential advice and interesting activities that are clearly presented and written in an approachable style. The matter-of-fact tone of Basic skills for life and the fact that they are relevant and fun to use have been instrumental to their effectiveness with these learners.
Result:Basic skills for life are used as the basis of an 'independent-living' programme as well as a part of the YMCA's 12-week job search programme. Trainers are absolutely delighted with the results: in addition to engaging their learners Basic skills for life also fulfil one of the centre's main aims - to help young people find a productive role in society.
Testimonial:"The subject matter of Basic skills for life is ideal for our residents and what we are trying to achieve - helping them to live independently. The feedback we get is very positive."back to top

Case 5: Engaging Non-Readers
Organisation:North Down and Ards Institute, Bangor
Age of learners:16+
Background:A large, multiple-site college of further and higher education in Northern Ireland
Problem:A small group of adult learners were having enormous difficulty grasping very basic literacy skills (Pre-Entry Level 1). The college was very keen to help these students progress but the techniques and resources to hand were failing to provide teachers with adequate support.
Solution:Essential Skills Co-ordinator, Annette Dixon, needed a complete and comprehensive programme to teach these learners. She chose Axis Education's FastTrack to reading programme. The fact that the programme is adult-focused, structured, multi-sensory and that it provides teachers with all the materials they need in one place is a great bonus.
Result:FastTrack programmes have dramatically turned around some of this college's most reluctant learners. Axis Education's materials have now given a small group of previously difficult students the confidence and ability to move on to more advanced skills. The college has found the FastTrack range so beneficial they have purchased multiple copies for use across all sites.back to top


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