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VW Beetle

This Entry Level 3 book tells the story of the best-selling car in the history of the automobile, from its origins in 1930s Germany through to the relaunch and subsequent success in more recent times.

This free download is for personal use only and cannot be loaded on a VLE or shared.

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Electronic resources can be used on PCs, interactive whiteboards, tablet computers, smartphones and e-readers

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Site licences enable you to use electronic resources throughout your entire organisation on an unlimited number of devices. **

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Electronic resources

Giving you access to Axis Education resources wherever you are

For the first time ever, all Axis Education resources are available as ebooks. This includes all photocopiable workbooks and over 100 reading books.


Multiple formats allow you to access resources on any device.



Print individual pages with PDF versions.*


For reading books, change font size, page colour and add comments with EPUB versions.*


Licences allow ebooks to be loaded and shared on a network or VLE.


Which version should I chose?

Photocopiable titles are available as PDF files and can be used on PCs, interactive whiteboards, tablet computers and smartphones. Reading books are available as EPUB, PDF and .mobi files. If you want the most freedom then EPUB is the best format. If you want to read your book on a Amazon Kindle then you’ll need a .mobi file. If you are only going to use the ebook on a PC then you may want the PDF version. For more details on the benefits of the different formats available please see below:




Displays on almost all computers including desktops, laptops, notebooks, interactive whiteboards, tablets and smartphones. To open PDF files you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader programme available from downloads. You can print individual pages and copy text from the books for use in programmes such as Microsoft Word. PDFs cannot be edited but you can add annotations and notes to the files which makes them useful for interactive whiteboards.



Short for ‘Electronic Publication’ EPUB is the open ebook standard. Designed specifically to display books on electronic devices, this format allows you to set the font size and type. With devices such as the iPad users can also change the colour of the page and choose between single and double page spreads.

EPUBs can contain text and images and provide a convenient way to access reading books on a number of devices including: e-reading devices (excluding Kindle), tablets (such as the iPad), smartphones, desktops computers, laptops, notebooks and interactive whiteboards.

Free e-reader software for PC and Mac can be downloaded from:
Many mobile devices have built in software for reading EPUB files such as the Apple iBooks software on the iPad and iPhone.





This is a version of an EPUB file that has been formatted for use on the Amazon Kindle. These ebooks can be read on Amazon Kindle devices and the Amazon Kindle application available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 from:


How will I receive my electronic resources?

All of your electronic resources will be provided on a single CDROM disc. The files on the disc can then be copied and used in accordance with the licence type you have selected.

Which licence type do I need?

Individual - For use by an individual and to be used on one device at any one time.
School Licence - For use by a school on a single site. Can be loaded on multiple devices and a network/VLE.

Why is there VAT on ebooks?

Ebooks are classified as ‘electronic guides’ rather than ‘books’ and therefore are not exempt from VAT like printed books.


* Editing options dependent on file format and device.
** Limited to a single site, for multi-site licences please contact us.
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