PLTS Personal, Learning and Thinking skills are expected to underpin the entire curriculum to enable young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Our ready-made suite of resources will make your implementation of PLTS easier.
Thinking skills Tackling issues Basic skills for work

Thinking skills

A brand new series containing written, audio and video based activities – gives full coverage of the PLTS framework and is perfect for developing listening, observational, oral and written communication skills.

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Tackling issues

Motivational materials to support the Secondary SEAL framework. This series helps your students develop the strategies and behaviours they need to make sound decisions and choose appropriate behaviours.

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Basic skills for work

Provides students with the essential communication skills they will use in everyday work and life. Practical scenarios and realistic contexts build skills and give your students the strategies they need to succeed.

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Emotional literacy Social skills Citizenship

Emotional literacy

Reinforce emotional literacy and show your students how to handle emotions and develop positive relationships. All activities are set in real-life situations, both in the workplace and at leisure, giving these publications direct appeal.

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Social skills

Resources to help your students develop self-awareness and social skills. Here they learn how to deal with social situations at work and at leisure including how to get on with others, develop conversation skills and have a good work attitude.

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Show your students how to become more informed, responsible citizens. These titles explore hot topics from racism to global warming. Some activities challenge students to delve beyond the surface and think critically.

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