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Reading Age: Non-readers/writers
Level: Entry Level 1-3 (SCQF Level 1 -3)
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FastTrack to writing

The UK’s first ever complete writing course for 14+ adults.

This is a proven formula that has helped thousands of adults and older school pupils with limited or no writing skills – and provides guaranteed success in writing! FastTrack to writing teaches both the content and process of writing. A variety of components carefully build on scaffolded skills in a step-by-step manner. Everything is provided to help you create instant success in writing.

A diagnostic assessment tool ensures you place your learners at the appropriate skill level and provide an on-going profile of each student’s writing strengths and weaknesses. FastTrack to writing starts from first principals (sequencing and letter formation) and by the end of the programme students will be able to write short passages of text.

The course covers letter formation, joined writing, writing simple sentences and paragraphs and moves on to cover writing notes, postcards, letters and creative writing. The course also covers the process of writing including editing and redrafting.

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