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Reading Age: 11-12 years
Level: Level 2 (SCQF Level 5)
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ISBN 978-1-84618-193-1
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Solve it 1

Solve it 1 features five mysteries:

The mystery object
Based on the discovery and identification of a mysterious object, students have to determine how it came to be there and whether it has any scientific value. This activity tests your students’ comprehension and deductive reasoning skills to solve the mystery.

The traffic accident
A car and bike are involved in an accident, both the cyclist and motorist blame the other party - can your students get to the bottom of what really went on? This activity encourages your students to make the most plausible conclusion based on the available evidence.

The school excursion
After several pupils are mysteriously taken ill on the annual school trip it’s up to your students to go through the evidence and work out the cause of the mystery illness.

Northern lights
A UFO is spotted in the early hours of the morning, only a few people witnessed the event but what does the evidence say? Are we really alone or is ET out there? This activity is full of research and discussion opportunities enabling your students to distinguish fact from fiction and look at the science behind the theories for extra-terrestrial life.

A mystery computer virus infects a school’s IT system and forces all the machines to display the number 19. Using their maths skills can your students solve the hackers puzzles to reveal their identity and save the data?

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