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Reading Age: 11-12 years
Level: Level 2 (SCQF Level 5)
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ISBN 978-1-84618-194-8
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Solve it 2

Solve it 2 features five mysteries:

The disappearing dinosaur
A fossil worth £2.5m is stolen - who did it and how was it done? It looks like an inside job, but what does the evidence show? In this activity your students need to describe the crime, interpret witnesses’ statements, analyse the collected evidence and examine motives to arrive at a plausible conclusion.

Murder at 15 Parson Street
Another chance for your students to work out who did it and why - but this time it’s more complex. Your students must use their comprehension and analytical skills to work out motives, alibis and opportunities. There is also forensic evidence to consider - bringing crime scene investigation to the classroom!

Industrial espionage
A revolutionary car design worth billions of pounds is stolen. Can your students use their mathematical skills to understand how the state of the art security system was bypassed and analyse the interview transcripts to find the clues to solving this crime?

The haunted house
Is it a ghost - or is there someone responsible for the strange events in the derelict mansion? As well as using their analytical and reasoning skills this activity also requires a creative response, asking your students how they would fake a haunted house.

The party
Should Ben trust science or beliefs when it comes to predicting the weather for his sister's 21st birthday party? By analysing the scientific data and understanding weather folk tales can your students predict what the weather be like for the big day?

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