Persuasive texts

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Persuasive texts

This book offers a range of activities that assist students to structure and write an effective procedure or explanation. Students learn how to successfully plan, write and edit procedural and explanation texts. Explores formulating explanation statements, creating subheadings, paragraph structure, creating lists of materials, sequencing events, effective research strategies and the use of diagrams.

Activities in Explanations and procedures:

  1. Improve students’ ability in creating effective written communication pieces
  2. Break down key features and language elements of various text types
  3. Are flexible to dip in and out of for class or homework tasks.

Explanations and procedures features:

  1. A strong emphasis on developing literacy skills with clear learning objectives
  2. Extensive Teacher’s Notes to guide you through each unit ensuring your students will receive maximum success
  3. Extension ideas to reinforce main skills or knowledge, as well as ways to integrate technology into lesson planning
  4. Mature-look page layouts and illustrations

Available as a digital resource to use on interactive whiteboards, networks or print and copy - an additional £5 per title.

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