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Gritty text engages learners
Clear language and riveting stories compel students to read
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KS4 / S3-S4
Disaffected learners
Skills for life students
Older beginner readers
Students with SEN
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Law and Order

Law and Order

The Law and order series has been specifically devised to capture the interest of reluctant, streetwise readers with a reading age of 7.

Written by an Educational Psychologist as the result of an action research project, these hard-hitting stories have massive appeal to young people. If they like watching Skins, your youngsters will genuinely relate to the Law and order series.

The books contain very gritty themes with reference to swearing, violence, crime, drug use and sex. However you may feel about them, these are themes that young people address. In trials, schools have reported unprecedented engagement with this series of books. Commonly cited as un-put-down-able, in several instances Law and order titles have even succeeded in getting reading-refusers to turn the page.

Titles in the Law and Order series:
TitleISBN / CodePrice From
Law and order bundle - 10 titles »LOBX£52.95
Law and order class set - 6 x 10 titles »LOCS£274.95
Fit for nothing »978-1-84618-198-6£5.95
Life for a life »978-1-84618-204-4£5.95
Not a smart move »978-1-84618-203-7£5.95
Risky business »978-1-84618-202-0£5.95
The right to kill »978-1-84618-201-3£5.95
Was it murder? »978-1-84618-200-6£5.95
Wasted ambition »978-1-84618-199-3£5.95
Who cares? »978-1-84618-197-9£5.95
Will she die? »978-1-84618-196-2£5.95
YouTube »978-1-84618-195-5£5.95
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